Rules and Regulations


 OCT 2018

Based on our history and function as a Co-operative, the LMYC Boat Reservation Rules and Conditions are intended to clarify and fairly regulate the booking system and usage of our vessels while recognizing the varied levels of sailing skills and knowledge of our Members along with available sailing time and the diversity of our vessels.

These Rules and Conditions attempt to maximize and balance usage of and access to our vessels. Our goal is for Members to feel that they have been treated fairly and have received full value for dues and contributions of time and/or skills.

These Rules and Conditions cannot possibly cover all situations. Members are reminded to continue to resolve matters (as per our club tradition) courteously and co-operatively, asking: ‘Are we treating others as we would have them treat us’. Assistance from the Executive should only be sought if all other attempts to resolve issues have failed.

As a Co-operative, Skippers are encouraged to invite other LMYC members (Full, Associate or Social) to join them if space is available aboard a vessel (subject to the skipper and/or the invitees having sufficient ‘sailing hours’ available). While not specifically prohibited, solo pleasure sailing is discouraged.


1. These Boat Reservation Rules and Conditions replace all previous rules and conditions relating to the booking of LMYC vessels and allotted member hours of usage.

2. A person reserving an LMYC vessel shall designate the Skipper who must be a Full Member of the Co-op in good standing at the time of reservation (a “Member”) and meet the qualification levels required at the time by the LMYC relative to the vessel and its usage.

3. No Member shall use a LMYC vessel without a proper reservation. Any Member planning on using a LMYC vessel must reserve it in advance using the LMYC reservation system (Members conducting maintenance shall similarly make the appropriate notations in the reservation system).

4. Unless stated otherwise by the Executive, reservations of LMYC vessels shall commence at 1200 hours on March 1st each year. No Member shall make a reservation beyond the end of February in the following year. Membership commences Feb 1st of each year. Only Members that have paid dues to continue Full Membership shall be permitted to have boats booked after Jan 31st.

5. A Member must include the following with his/her reservation information:

The Skipper’s name and designation ( i.e. Day Skipper or Cruise Skipper);
-All crew & guest names;
-Proposed sailing dates and times;
-During the months of June, July and August (“High Season”) a calculation/ breakdown of the hours to be attributed to that Member and/or other Members sailing with him/her;
-If cruising overnight, a sailing plan including proposed destinations, estimated departure and arrival time, and cell phone number should be created and filed with an emergency contact (family member or friend) on shore. LMYC is not responsible for following up on sailing plans, or reviewing trip plans listed on the online booking system, or coordinating search and rescue efforts.
-If possible, a cellular phone number where the Member can be contacted before, during and after the sail.
6. Members shall return key to the lockbox immediately on return to the dock. No member shall use maintenance keys or other specially designated keys for sailing purposes also

7. Members shall return the boats on time (as per the reservation). Members who are delayed, shall make their best effort to contact the Member(s) who have the boat reserved next.

8.  If a Member who has reserved a boat is more than one hour late, the reservation will be considered cancelled, and any other qualified Member of the LMYC may then book the boat after making their best efforts to contact the Member who made the original reservation.

9. Members shall return the boats clean and tidy inside and out, with the holding tank emptied and rinsed.

10. If boat equipment or sails are in need of repair before the boat can be taken out again, Members shall:

-Report the deficiencies in the maintenance log aboard the vessel;
-Return the keys to the key box and place an “out of service” tag over them;
-Make an “out of service” notation in the reservation system;
-Inform the maintenance leader for that vessel; and
-Make their best effort to inform the Member(s) who have the boat reserved next.

11. During the High Season (June, July and August), Members may only use LMYC vessels to a maximum of 320 sailing or berth hours as calculated below and shall have no more than three bookings at any given time, such bookings to not exceed 10 days in total, except as set out in paragraphs 15, 26 and 27 (including but not limited to: training, day-sailing, cruising, racing, club cruises, cruising in Desolation Sound etc.)

12. To calculate a Member’s sailing hours during the High Season, the following shall apply:

White Swan and Y-Knot shall be considered to have 6 berths and shall be booked only by designated Cruise Skippers that have completed the Diesel Course and WS Orientation, even for day sailing.
Peak Time shall be considered to have 4 berths
Lightcure shall be considered to have 4 berths
Pegasus shall be considered to have 4 berths
Sharqui shall each be considered to have 4 berths.
Frankie and Luana shall be considered to have 4 berths each and are designated as day sailing boats, except with permission from the Executive (e.g. for the May long weekend club cruise).

13. For sailing in High Season, a Member will be charged 1 sailing hour per berth on any given vessel (10 hours per day per berth Monday to Friday and 15 hours per berth on Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays[1]), with the exception that day-sailing hours will be calculated on a pro-rata basis [2].

14. During High Season, whether or not a Member’s 320 sailing hours have been used or allocated, a Member may reserve a boat for up to 24 hours, provided that 24 hours prior to the proposed departure, the boat is not booked (the “24 Hour Rule”).If the boat is not reserved the following day(s), the Member may reserve subsequent day(s) under the 24 Hour Rule to a maximum of 3 consecutive days (2 nights) under the 24 Hour Rule.  The boat is to be returned no later than 1800 on the last day of the booking as per Rule 17. 

15. Associate and Social Members are not entitled to any sailing hours but may be invited as guests of Full Members.

16. During High Season, Members shall not sail as skipper or crew on any one vessel exceeding 10 consecutive days in duration.

17. Members shall return all boats by 1800 hours the night before a scheduled club cruise or by at least one hour before a scheduled race in order to allow loading and/or rigging.

18. In consideration of other Members, any Member planning to “preload” prior to a reserved cruise shall do so after dusk, otherwise the Member shall be charged with that day as being part of his/her cruise.

19. If a Member is unable to use a boat as reserved, (s)he must cancel the reservation at their earliest opportunity so that other Members may have access to the boat. The Member should notify the Communications Officer, who will in turn notify the membership of the boat’s availability.

20. During High Season, Members wishing to cancel their reservations must do so at least 14 days ahead of the scheduled departure time or find another Member to fill the slot, otherwise (s)he will be charged with the sailing hours associated with the original reservation.

21. While it is expected that skippers will try to arrange for all berths to be filled on cruises outside of High Season there will be no penalty for failing to do so.

22. During High Season Members shall not pre-book more than three weeks in advance for day-sailing.

23. No Member shall cruise overnight on a day-sailing vessel unless specifically permitted by the Executive.

24. In addition to the other rules and conditions contained herein, the following specific Rules and Conditions govern the booking of cruises in Desolation Sound (DS):

-Members wishing to book a cruise in DS shall do so through the Director for DS Cruising (the “DS Director”).
-Bookings for DS shall commence at 1200 hours on March 1st in each year.
-Members must present an application plus a deposit to the DS Director (The deposit is to cover the cost of mooring the boat at Lund should the Member cancel the cruise and is unable to find a replacement. If the boat is taken sailing as planned, the deposit will be returned.).
-Members must be Cruise Skippers and must demonstrate the appropriate qualifications to the DS Director (subject to any review by the Executive) before being allowed to reserve a cruise in DS, including, but not limited to, navigational skills particular to the DS area.
-Dates of preference will be addressed through a lottery subject to the discretion of the DS Director and any review by the Executive. The lottery will proceed according to the following:

  1. On or before the second Monday in February, qualified Cruise Skippers may submit an application, confirming qualifications and stating their ranked preference for one or more of the weeks available to be booked. The application must be accompanied by a deposit cheque for $200 (to cover moorage costs in Lund in the event the member has to cancel all or part of their sailing week.)
  2. Applicants will also identify themselves as having: A. Never sailed in Desolation Sound, or
  3. Previously sailed in Desolation Sound. Those applicants in category A will be placed in the draw for available weeks. Those applicants in category B will be placed in a preliminary draw to determine who gets to join the draw for available weeks. e.g., if there are 11 weeks available and 3 category A qualified skippers plus 12 category B qualified skippers apply then the 3 category A skippers immediately go into the draw, while the preliminary draw is used to determine which 8 of the 12 category B skippers will also go into the draw.
  4. The draw will be conducted at the LMYC Executive meeting in February and the results will be used to determine priority choice of weeks among those skippers in the draw.

      5. The goals of this process are fourfold:

i. To ensure that all available weeks are filled,

ii. To ensure that as many members as possible get a week of their preference,

iii. To ensure that those skippers who have never sailed in Desolation Sound are given a good chance to do so, and

iv. To ensure that Desolation Sound bookings are confirmed prior to the March 1st start for all other bookings.

  1. Those skippers whose names are drawn earliest in this process may not get their first choice of week if it would be possible to satisfy the requests of more skippers by assigning a second or third choice to that skipper.


  1. If all available weeks are not able to be filled by those skippers chosen in the draw, then any remaining weeks will be offered to those skippers who were not part of the draw.


  1. If there are fewer applicants than weeks available or if there are still vacant weeks after the conclusion of this process, then the executive may decide to decrease the number of weeks available.

-Normally, bookings for DS run from 1200 hours on Saturday at Lund to 1200 hours Saturday at Lund. Members, may however, “split weeks” in DS at the discretion of the Director.
-The skipper is responsible for the vessel in DS until another skipper takes possession of it, including ordinary maintenance. Any significant maintenance issues must be reported to the Maintenance Director and it is expected that the Member in DS will assist in whatever fashion is reasonably possible as recommended by the Maintenance Director.
-If the ‘new’ skipper is not at the dock by 1200 hours on the Saturday as planned for the exchange, the old skipper must arrange secure mooring for the vessel and shall notify the DS Director as soon as possible and receive instructions as to what to do with the keys etc. (Members should ensure that they are early to both drop off & pick up).
-Any questions about responsibility for Lund moorage payments shall be resolved by paying the Lund Wharfinger, retaining receipts, and working out the details through the DS Director at a later date.
-Members shall return the vessel in “better” condition that it was received. It must be clean and tidy inside and out, including but not limited to: head, cabin, V-berth, quarter-berths, storage areas, cooler, floor, sink, cups, dishes and eating utensils. The holding tank must be emptied and rinsed.

25. Members who are instructing, conducting maintenance or are involved in promotional, public relations or other activities authorized by the Executive will not be charged sailing hours during these events. Trainees on Training Cruises shall be charged only one berth per hour, as they do not have the prerogative of choosing either their boat or how many people are on the boat. Club Cruise Skippers and attendees shall be charged regular berth hours on that cruise. Guest or Social or Associate Member berth hours shall be charged to the Full Member they are accompanying as a guests

26. Exceptions to these Rules and Conditions are, where appropriate, subject to the discretion of the Executive [4].

27. Any Member failing to comply with these Boat Reservation Rules and Conditions may have his/her Membership privileges suspended or revoked.

[1] For example, if a Member takes out a 5 berth-hour boat on a 4 day cruise from Thursday to Sunday during High Season (without other Members aboard) he or she would be charged as follows:

Thursday 10 hours x 5 berths (50 berth-hours),
Friday 10 hours x 5 berths (50 berth hours),
Saturday 15 hours x 5 berths (75 berth-hours) and Sunday 15 hours x 5 berths (75 berth hours)
For a total of 250 berth-hours. By comparison, the same trip on Peak Time (4 berth boat) would use 200 berth-hours.
[2]For example, if a Member takes out Frankie (a 4 berth boat) on a 5 hour sail on a regular weekday in High Season, (without other Members aboard), he or she will be charged as follows:

5 hours x 4 berths = 20 berth-hours.

[3] We want to ensure Members who have not exceeded 320 sailing hours (berth-hours) receive priority over those who have. At the same time, we do not wish to see the boats sitting idle.

[4] The LMYC recognizes that these Rules and Conditions are to serve our membership and not the reverse. There are undoubtedly going to be situations where flexibility is required and decisions will need to be made in the interest of the Co-op to address specific concerns, conflicts or problems.


Original document created 2012

Updated Feb 2015 by the LMYC Executive: Marnie Bragg, Wayne Linehan, Joe Kugler, Claude Guetta, Deborah Cliffe, Peter Maitland

Updated Feb 2016 by the LMYC Executive: Wayne Linehan, Susan Manz, Claude Guetta, Deborah Cliffe, Marnie Bragg

Updated Feb 2017 by LMYC Executive: Susan Manz, Claude Guetta, John Mitchell, Denise Dolnik


Updated Oct 18, 2018 by LMYC Executive: Henry Lazar. Presented at the GM Oct 18, 2018